How to Farm Koins in Mortal Kombat 11

Koin is a prominent element in Mortal Kombat because it is necessary for the unlocking of treasure chests. Basically, Koin is a form of money in the virtual world of Mortal Kombat and is prominent for the players to attain access to chests, which comprises of unique costumes, gears, and more valuable items. In the article, we will facilitate you with several methods for farming Koin. Below are the ways to do it. If you are also looking for ways to accomplish this purpose, then make sure that you read every bit of this article carefully to avoid any mistake.

Earn Koins

The surprising world of Kyrpt provides free Koins to the players for traveling, and thus, it is suggested that every player to roam as much as they can. Besides, the game also provides free Koins to the players for locating down several items. Another way of earning Koins in the world of Krypt is by breaking these items; however, the reward of Koins is not much, but still, it is adding something to your account.

Players can also earn coins through the finding of the chest because these chests are filled with an enormous amount of Koins. Several players also stated that they had attained 100,000 Koins through the first two chests, which are already unlocked. The game also offers 25, 000 Koins to the players who have ringed the courtyard’s Gongs alongside Warrior shrine.

Story Mode

Another powerful resort of Farming Koins can be accomplished through the story mode, and players can attain 10 Koins for one match. After accomplishing the match, the players will collect 100,000 Koins. The task will conceive 7 to 10 hours of the players. Although the task is pretty time conceiving, it offers a hefty amount of Koins to the players. Thus the time conceiving is seemed out to be pretty fare.

Towers of Time

This one is the best way to Farm Koins in Krypt world; however, it is a bit intricate to accomplish. There are several prerequisites for getting into this process, and the first one is AI Kombatant. Players need to select their favorite character and then require to customize them through AI Kombatant. Noob Saibot is the strongest character of the game, and it is suggested for the players to go with him. After players have to assign Noob, then they need to boost up his specs.

Although Noob is not the only one that is applicable for the farming task, players can go with other options such as Error Black. The major thing is that the customization is pretty important rather than the character. Once players select their favorite character and successfully customize it, then they can head towards the tower. The tower will teleport the players towards the arena, and these fights will favor the players by rewarding them with a large sum of Koins money.

Players need to press X or A key to move ahead to another match, and it mainly relies on the choice of players to play matches as there is no limit to playing matches. The Tower of Time is specially built for the sake of players to attain as much Koins as they can.

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