How To Pair an iPhone With Your Car via Bluetooth

Many of the iPhone users want to know how they can pair up their iPhone with their car stereo or music system. Users wish to do this mainly for listening to their favorite tracks and music while driving. Pairing up your iPhone is as easy as it sounds. Besides, if you are one of the iPhone users who does not know how to pair up your iPhone with your car’s music system, then you have come to the right. Simply, go through the steps I have mentioned in this article to do this in no time.

Heres how to pair your iPhone via Bluetooth

Besides using an aux cable or anything to connect your iPhone with your car’s stereo, Bluetooth is always the best option you have to do this task. By connecting your car’s stereo Bluetooth with you iPhone, you can do everything, whether it is listening to your favorite songs in your car or getting Google Maps voice directions. Now, follow the steps mentioned below to do it in no time.

Step 1. Making your iPhone Discoverable

It is a first step that you will follow to make your iPhone discoverable by activating its Bluetooth. It will enable your car’s stereo to find your iPhone’s Bluetooth and to do so, follow the guidelines below:

  • Unlock your iPhone to access the Control center to activate your iPhone’s Bluetooth.
  • Open up the Bluetooth option on your iPhone and slide it to the to activate it.

Step 2. Setting your car’s Bluetooth to pairing mode

It is the second thing you will do to set your car’s Bluetooth to pairing mode. To do so, follow the guidelines below:

  • At first, put your car in On mode to activate its music system or stereo.
  • Keep pressing the Source button till it puts the music system on Bluetooth.
  • Pairing mode will be automatically activated when you put your car’s music system on Bluetooth mode.

Step 3. Pair both of the Bluetooth with each other

After activating Bluetooth on your iPhone and in your car, the next thing you will do to pair them up with each other. To pair up both of the Bluetooth with each other, follow the guidelines listed below:

  • At first, access Bluetooth tab available in Settings on your iPhone.
  • Inside the Bluetooth tab, tap on Other Devices menu.
  • Find the Bluetooth of your car from the available options inside the Bluetooth tab.
  • It’s not obvious that your car’s Bluetooth available in its name so choose the Bluetooth of your car carefully.
  • Tap on your Car’s Bluetooth when you know it’s it.
  • The moment you tap on your car’s Bluetooth name, tap on Pair option when it appears, and both of the Bluetooth will be paired successfully.
  • Now, play your favorite tracks on your iPhone to listen to it with your car’s music system.

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