How To Defeat Tyreen the Destroyer in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is a fantastic first-person shooter game with intriguing features and modern specs. Even though the game has been criticized several times of one flaw of it, it is the few bosses’ aspects. The game consists of quite a few antagonists in it, which often deduct its intricacy level.

However, locating the bosses in Borderlands 3 world is a bit hard, and this blog is here to help out the gamers of this concern. The article focus is mainly on Tyreen, the Destroyer, who is the last and the final boss of the game. Probably the major hurdle between gamers and victory.

The accomplishment of defeating Tyreen will be worth than the victory because the winning gamers will also get Queen’s Call and King’s Call legendary pistols as a gift. Read the article and attain all the prerequisite answers regarding Tyreen, the Destroyer in Borderlands 3.

Begin the Tyreen Boss Fight

Gamers need to accomplish the quest of Shadow of Starlight to get access to the arena of Tyreen, the Destroyer. After players have accomplished the prerequisite task, then they need to accept the mission from Divine Retribution. After that, Tannis will launch a portal to Pandora. Gamers need to head into the portal, and it will immediately teleport them to the arena of Tyreen.

Dodge the Attacks of Tyreen

There are several potent attacks that Tyreen possesses, and gamers must require to know about all of them. Below we have individually brief out about each of them alongside methods for the players to dodge them.

Sweeping Laser

It is one of the most potent attacks of Tyreen in which she executes her laser attack, which results in covering every part of the arena. Gamers need to be predictable and need to dodge this attack by jumping on the other side. Besides, they can also avoid this attack by maintaining a specific distance from Tyreen.

Spinning Laser

This attack of Tyreen also inflicted damage through lasers, but there is a slight difference in it rather than Sweeping. This laser targets one specific level of the area, and gamers can also dodge this attack through jumping and maintaining an appropriate distance from her.

Rotating Golden Beam

The attack inflicts the damage through rotating attacks of lasers or more clearly small tornados of lasers she executes. Gamers need to identify the pattern and timing of this attack, and then they can easily beat them by quickly moving in the arena.

Energy Ball

This attack consists of moveable balls that move slow, which makes them harder to dodge. If gamers came into contact with any of the balls, then it will burst immediately into the fire. The best way to avoid these balls is to shoot them instantly after being executed by Tyreen. This will also cause some damage to Tyreen alongside proper protection from this severe attack.

Crystal Line

The attack contains three specific lines of crystals, which later transforms into Cone shape. Tyreen uses this attack in the initial stage of the battle to stun the players. This attack can also be dodge by the players through jumping and maintaining distance from Tyreen.

Defeat Tyreen, the Final Boss

Gamers need to grab proper weapons before entering into the arena of Tyreen. The best weapon that gamers need to be kept are Pistols and Assault Rifles. Players also need to be aware of Jumping and Strafing because both of them are pretty essential for the sake of this mission. Besides, gamers need to maintain a specific distance from Tyreen and keep on inflicting damage to her.

Although this is an essential guide for the players to slain Tyreen, it is suggested to read this article and then craft your own strategy to slain Tyreen. As it will help you to improve your game alongside mind.

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